Resting up in La Paz, Part Two

Food, Food, and More Food

Anyone who knows us can attest to our love for food. And after more than two months of living on bikes, our clothes were getting more than a little baggy. La Paz is a great place for traditional Mexican fare, something that the two of us gladly took advantage of. While I am satisfied as long as there are huge quantities on my plate (a bad habit from my time as a rower), Alex is a little more refined in her tastes. But before long, it was time for a major event in her culinary evolution.

That’s right, those are fish tacos. One too many bland quesadillas drove Alex to the point of breaking.

After 12 years of vegetarianism, Alex ate a fish. And it was good.

Many fish tacos followed, in addition to a lot of other food. A favorite of Tom’s, Rancho Viejo.

Pop quiz: what’s that green spiky fruit?

Answer: guanabana! A new favorite of Alex’s, not so much for Tom. Filled with fleshy white fruit and big black seeds.

Here’s another treat we discovered in La Paz: the raspado. It’s basically the Mexican version of a snow cone. We only had about 200 of them…

Another new favorite, the Shack – the local hangout for gringo sailors. If we had found this place earlier, we could have probably snagged a ride across the Sea of Cortez by sailboat.

Breakfast at La Fonda, another gem of La Paz. Chilaquiles are the best breakfast food, especially on a budget.

Alas, our time in La Paz was coming to an end. The rum is gone!

Like a good Sawyer, Alex kept the alcohol from running out with wine of the boxed variety.

Strolling the Malecón

The Malecón is the boardwalk that lines the bay of La Paz. During the heat of the day it is fairly deserted, but when the sun goes down the Malecón comes alive. People of all ages roam its length at night, whether by foot, on bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, or ever-so-popular mini tricicyles. When not on wheels, people are running – something that we couldn’t quite comprehend given how hot it was, even at night. We spent almost every evening strolling along the Malecón with a yummy raspado or ice cream in hand, occasionally popping into one of the many bars or sitting and watching live music (or breakdancing). There was always something to enjoy!

The cotton candy lady, matching her wares to the colors of the sunset.

This man spent a few minutes preparing his puppy for the shock that awaited.

That’s one way to teach your dog how to swim!

We stumbled upon a concert series led by a local university. Apparently they also take old gringos with mad ukulele skills.

This girl was really, really digging the ukulele.

Once, we almost got caught in the crossfire of a shaving cream war. It didn’t end well for the little guy.

These little tricycles terrorize the Malecon day and night. Watch your feet!

Late night breakdancing performance. A lot of audience cajoling went into the setup.

The only person in Mexico that is taller than Tom!


3 thoughts on “Resting up in La Paz, Part Two

    • I know, I’m officially a failed vegetarian. I just couldn’t take one more damned quesadilla. Would love to hear your recommendations though!

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