T Minus 1 Day

I can’t believe it but we are less than 24 hours away from departing good ol’ Seattle. After moving all our stuff (which consisted of a couple of clothes, a bit of furniture and waaaaaaaaay too many books) into a storage unit on Sunday we decided to delay our trip by one day to regain a bit of our sanity and nerves before embarking on this journey. And what a good idea that has been, if we would have stuck to our plan to leave today it might have been a frustrating start. Instead we have one more day to really settle things and leave with a clear mind and strong spirits.

We also got some final efforts in on Sunday, such as getting one last breakfast at Voula’s, my go-to spot for enormous Greek meals for hungry people. And a good amount of food was needed for the following hours of loading and unloading the U-Haul, and cleaning out the apartment.

Pinata Benedict, om nom nom!

Pinata Beñedict, om nom nom

Yesterday we spent all day packing and repacking our things into the panniers and I think we nailed it down to a manageable amount.

Fresh out of bed and ready to go.

Fresh out of bed and ready to go.

How do we get all this stuff into the panniers???

How do we get all this stuff into the panniers???

Guess it wasn't so hard after all.

Guess it wasn’t so hard after all.

And a fresh haircut...

And a fresh haircut…

... might just save us some ounces.

… might just save us some ounces.

Add to that some small fixes on our bikes and it looks like we are ready to go. But none of all of that would have been possible without Alex’s tireless efforts. Her checklists (all four of them) have kept us busy up until the last minute. So it’s probably no surprise that at the end of the day she and I were more than ready for bed:


Quite photogenic, the two of us.

5 thoughts on “T Minus 1 Day

  1. Tom, you’re a dork. I love you both so much!!!! Safe biking. Buen viaje, bon voyage, safari njmea (as they would say in Tanzania)!

  2. This looks so awesome! Really looking to follow the blog! I don’t know if you’re headed to California, but let me know if you need a place to crash for a night or few!

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